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The STAR System Web Portal

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Your customized STAR Web Portal delivers the fast, versatile interactive access to data demanded by today's information-driven society. Sponsors, advisors and investors have dynamic web-enabled access to the information they need with a secure interface. For maximum security, efficiency and ease-of-use, the STAR Web Portal is tailored to the needs and expectations of each class of user.


Sponsors command access to the full universe of investor information from Phoenix American's secure servers. A wide variety of customized reports are available in seconds through the STAR-XMS System. Sort by investor, region, date range, advisor, territory or any combination. Since wholesalers, brokers, advisors and investors have independent access to the information they need, sponsors will:

  • Reduce costs - Increase Sales
  • Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access
  • Profit from superior internet access as a distinctive marketing tool
  • Access historical documents efficiently and easily
  • Go green with a powerful, paperless environment-friendly web solution
  • Use Twitter and other social media to expand your network
  • Communicate important information instantly
  • Access client information in the field
  • Exploit all the advantages of wireless access

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors log in using a personalized ID and PIN provided by Phoenix American. Advisors receive customized interactive reports that allow them to view all of their current investors' accounts, balances, statuses and statements. In addition to the features investors receive, advisors can submit new investments, transfers, redemptions and account maintenance electronically through the Web Portal directly to Phoenix American. With Phoenix American's Electronic Subscription System(ESS) advisors and investors, using innovative interactive PDF programming embedded in the sponsor's own specific forms (accessible on the Web Portal), can jointly submit a request directly to Phoenix American electronically. The advisor's data input is transferred securely from the Web Portal and sent directly to the sponsor's account team where the request is immediately processed. Electronic subscription greatly increases efficiency by reducing the lag time associated with issue resolution items and ultimately accelerates the investor's effective date and advisor's commission compensation date.


Investors securely log in using a personalized user ID and PIN provided by Phoenix American or seamlessly through the sponsor organization's website. Investors access a global view of all their accounts across all funds associated with the sponsor organization. Investors can also view account values and transaction status updates. Also, investors have direct access to their user profiles where they can change their correspondence preferences to 'go green' by receiving investment related correspondence electronically. Investors stay updated with direct access to sponsor-specific forms, mailings and documentation. To be prepared for tax season, investors can access and print all their relevant tax forms (1099s and K-1s) and account statements. And the Web Portal acts as an additional avenue for submitting questions and account requests.