Syndicated Tracking And Reporting (STAR)
with Expanded Marketing and Sales (XMS) Capabilities

The Transfer Agent System for Alternative Investment Funds

For In-House or Outsourced Use


The Most Advanced Investor Management System for Alternative Funds

At the heart of Phoenix American's services for alternative funds is STAR-XMS, a transfer agent software technology designed and built by Phoenix American based on our decades of experience as a fund sponsor, fund administrator and SOC 1 audited transfer agent. Web based, easy to use and with powerful specialized capabilities, STAR-XMS is the most efficient, cost effective fund administration system available for private investment funds and publically registered non traded funds. Built on an Oracle platform, this investor database software is easily accessible anywhere an internet connection is available. Customizable for the needs of any fund structure and scalable to any fund size, STAR-XMS is the premium shareholder record keeping application for alternative investment funds.

Hosted for Client's In-House Use or for Outsourced Back Office

The STAR-XMS transfer agent application is available under license for the in-house use of fund sponsors or is utilized as the backbone of Phoenix American’s full service outsourced back office support. Users under license use STAR-XMs to maximize the efficiency of their back office operational teams. Full service back office clients, though administrative functions are performed by Phoenix American, maintain read-only in-house access to their STAR-XMS database for 24/7 database reference and to leverage the systems many superior features.

Every fund administration function is streamlined using STAR-XMS: Every aspect of sales, transaction and historical data is at the user’s fingertips: searchable,

  • New Investment Entry
  • Shareholder Profile Maintenance
  • Commission Payments
  • Transfers
  • Redemptions
  • Distributions
  • Statement Production
  • Tax Document Production
  • Web Portal Access for Investors and Advisors

No other fund administration software solution is as comprehensive and labor saving as STAR-XMS.

Web Based Easy of Use

The STAR-XMS system is internet based, available wherever an internet connection is accessible and comes with no equipment or software to install. Access to the investor database is password protected and able to be restricted by job class.


Because the STAR-XMS transfer agent database is built on an Oracle platform, customization for a particular fund’s needs is simple and straightforward. Clients also enjoy the advantages of the many enhancements and customizations requested by all other Phoenix American clients.

Documents Embedded in the System

Scans of all physical documents related to an investment are available in STAR-XMS, attached to the relevant investor profile and accessible in seconds for easy reference. Every aspect of investment history is easily referenced in this investor record keeping system.

Data Security

All users of STAR-XMS benefit from the data security, data backup, disaster recovery and business resumption protocols of Phoenix American. Both users under license and full service clients enjoy a fully secure shareholder database.

Operational Backup

For all fund companies on the STAR-XMS platform, the back offices services of Phoenix American are available on an as needed basis. STAR-XMS not only equips your in-house operations team with the industry’s most powerful, versatile and efficient shareholder management system but provides operational backup in case of illness, emergency or attrition among your in-house staff.

Sales & Marketing Reporting

STAR-XMS offers everything you expect from a shareholder record keeping system and much more. Harnessing the limitless potential of investor and transaction data was the design intent of STAR-XMS. Every aspect of sales, transaction and historical data is at the user’s fingertips: searchable, sortable and trackable.

Reporting out of STAR-XMS is robust, user friendly and fast. Users can run any one of hundreds of standard or ad hoc sales and marketing reports. Reporting output is available in moments. Additional reporting capability can be programmed if needed. For premium level reporting capability, STAR-XMS offers an expanded sales reporting module and accepts uploads from SalesForce and other CRMs.

All reports are available as PDF, HTML, Excel, Word or CSV files. Report parameters can be saved, scheduled for recurrence and distributed with access security by job class. Users can deliver reports wirelessly and instantly via email or mobile device, or schedule delivery to any distribution list.

STAR-XMS is the most advanced fund administration platform available for private investment funds, private equity funds, venture capital, non-traded REITs, business development companies (BDC), hedge funds, commodity pools operators (CPOs), mortgage funds, debt funds, conservations easements and every variety of alternative investment.