Securitization Managing Agent Services

Phoenix American is an industry leader in managing agent services for aircraft and aircraft engine securitizations. For over thirty years the Phoenix American family of companies has created and administered lease and loan portfolios and has securitized six of its own structured transactions. Directly involved in the securitization market since 1993, Phoenix American currently manages securitized aviation assets appraised at over $35 billion.

Our long history of success attests to Phoenix American's peerless industry knowledge, skilled and seasoned professional staff and solid relationships with principal participants in the securitization industry.

  • Aircraft Lessors
  • Investment Banks
  • Investors
  • Trustees

  • Rating Agencies
  • Auditing and Accounting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Appraisers

With our proven processes and methodologies, we provide the personnel and technological infrastructure asset-backed securitization vehicles need. Our clients command our full attention. Phoenix American will appoint a team of dedicated professionals who will take the time to fully understand the unique needs and complexities of each transaction and will provide the highest quality service from the implementation throughout the operating life of the transaction.

The Phoenix American Suite of Services

As your special purpose entity administrative agent we monitor certificate compliance, maintain records and other relevant information, invest available funds, authorize payment of expenses, prepare required investor and management reports and a host of other services.

Administration and General Services

  • Monitor and report on the performance of service providers' compliance with operative agreements
  • Act as liaison with various rating agencies to assess impact of management decisions on the ratings of securities
  • Coordinate any necessary amendments to operative agreements
  • Supervise outside counsel and other professional advisors at the direction of the Board
  • Prepare and coordinate reports to investors and press releases
  • Manage investor relations with the assistance of outside counsel and auditors as appropriate
  • Prepare or arrange for the preparation of all required tax returns
  • Coordinate with the capital markets advisor to execute interest rate hedging policies
  • Coordinate board meetings, distribute board papers, and draft minutes and resolutions
  • Create and maintain client websites
  • Procure and renew directors and officers insurance policies

Cash Waterfall and Cash Management

  • Calculate certain payments and other calculations required by operative agreements
  • Prepare and distribute reports to investors
  • Direct withdrawals and transfers from the various bank accounts
  • Direct the investment of funds in permitted investments and on permitted terms
  • Oversee the operation of cash collateral accounts and any eligible credit facilities
  • Perform accounts payable functions
  • Apply cash receipts

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Monthly, quarterly and year-end close processes
  • Workpaper compilation including account analysis
  • Accounting policies and procedures development

  • Accounts and financial statement preparation for individual companies and on a consolidated basis
  • Budget preparation and variance analysis reporting
  • Charting of accounts and accounting ledgers


Administrative Agent / Cash Manager

  • Map and convert data
  • Generate required back-up servicer reports
  • Perform ongoing testing of backup database

Premium Services

  • SEC Compliance – SEC forms 10-Q, 10-K and 8-K preparation, EDGAR filing services
  • Tax Compliance – sales/use, property, and income tax return preparation and filing, compilation, tax projections
  • Cash flow modeling and forecasting

PAFS Ireland Limited


A Jurisdiction of Choice in the Aviation Leasing Industry

Given the fiscal, regulatory and jurisdictional complexities of the aircraft industry, Phoenix American established a subsidiary company, PAFS Ireland Limited, based in Shannon, Ireland, to provide service to clients who require an Irish presence.

Due to Ireland's reputation as a jurisdiction of choice for aircraft leasing transactions, Phoenix American's Shannon office is staffed with a highly qualified team of professionals with particular expertise in the aircraft leasing sector. This team has strong industry relationships and a solid reputation with tax, legal, audit and other professional advisors.

Aircraft and Beyond

Phoenix American has specific and comprehensive experience as managing agent of aircraft securitizations with over 20 years of experience with the intricacies of an aviation industry increasingly dependent upon the leasing of commercial aircraft. Aviation securitization clients rely on an administration and accounting solution custom-fit to the contours of the aircraft and engine leasing industry. No aspect of this complex enterprise has been overlooked and no opportunity for efficiency or client satisfaction has been neglected. 

But aircraft is only the beginning. With the same all-encompassing approach that we bring to the aviation sector, Phoenix American can build a managing agent solution for any asset-backed security (ABS) that can be created. Whether you are in the business of securitizing:

  • Cargo Ships
  • Cruise Ships
  • Freight Trucks
  • Railroad Cars
  • Student Loans
  • Litigation Settlements
  • Life Insurance

Phoenix American has the customized expertise you are looking for. Wherever a durable asset of substantial value can be securitized into an asset-backed investment security, Phoenix American has the complete managing agent solution. For more information on Phoenix American Managing Agent Services, contact Joseph Horgan at (415) 485-4546.