Sales and Marketing Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

In today's turbulent financial market the MARS solution will provide your firm with a competitive advantage by providing enterprise-wide sales and marketing visibility across distribution channels, product lines and geographic territories as well as providing the ability to dynamically drill-down into specific market segments, products and business relationships such as firms, offices, reps and accounts. Our clients have the option of using the MARS Sales Reporting and Advanced Analytics system with our real-time, bi-direction link to Salesforce® or with our own industry-specific CRM.

MARS allows you to slice and dice your data for any view or report that you need for sales, marketing, finance and business intelligence purposes. MARS incorporates a number of innovative features.

  • Gain business insights
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Aggregate Sales & Asset Reporting
  • Leverage Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Streamline Relationship Management
  • Maintain and grow assets
  • Reduce operating expenses

Data Visualization

MARS incorporates graphical data visualization techniques and tools such as Google Maps(tm) to transform your data into actionable business insights. Data visualization makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to determine where to focus efforts. MARS allows you to visualize segmentation as well as identify key sales and marketing metrics via Google Maps such as: top producers, advisors with sales or assets over some threshold amount, advisors with no new purchases within some time frame, cross-selling opportunities and much more.

Market Intelligence

MARS complements and enhances your sales and asset data with data from market share, competitive intelligence, and RIA data providers to reveal new sales and marketing opportunities. MARS allows you to know exactly where you stand against your competitors and to devise ways to gain additional market share.

Data Aggregation & Reconciliation

MARS transforms raw data from transfer agents, financial intermediaries, retirement plan platforms, sub-accounting firms, separately managed accounts, fund supermarkets, alternative investments, annuities & life products and ETF data providers into a knowledge base that provides unique insights into your business.

MARS Data Quality

The MARS Data Quality module provides unparalleled data quality and searching accuracy while overcoming variations due to misspellings, transcriptions, transpositions, acronyms, phonetics, sequence differences, nicknames and many other common errors found in data. The powerful MARS Data Quality Module identifies spelling errors, keyword errors, phonetic errors, missing words, extra words, noise words and word sequence variations.

MARS Document Management Module

The MARS Document Management module provides a document library where all asset management company documents (e.g. selling agreements, word documents, pdf files, images, etc.) are stored, managed and retrieved. This feature provides the ability to view document history for account, product, rep, office and firm as well as to capture and store document revisions.

Compliance Solutions

Monitoring Your Trade Activity

22c-2 Compliance

Our 22c-2 Compliance solution includes the industry-specific features and design leadership that our clients have come to expect from MARS. Using MARS your firm will be able to monitor and manage all compliance activities without additional staff. MARS reconciles the sales provided by the intermediary to trade activity found in omnibus accounts. The MARS 22c-2 Compliance module’s flexible rules engine and comprehensive work flow manager will satisfy your 22c-2 compliance requirements and includes:

Rules Manager provides the flexibility to monitor frequent trading activity at the shareholder account and transaction levels. 

Data Request Manager manages all intermediary requests (both standard and non-standard file formats) 

Workflow Manager monitors and manages the status of flagged transactions, violations and action items 

Query Analytics and Report Capabilities provides standard reporting and ad hoc query capabilities for business analytics

Data Repository to house all trade and account level data to manage compliance in one place 

Audit Trail for all compliance-related activities, communications, all entity changes and user activities. To support your business and Information Technology strategy, we provide the MARS 22c-2 Compliance solution in one of three ways: On-premise, On-demand or a Full-Service solution.

Each service method has its benefits depending upon your organizations’ particular needs. 

Our Full-service 22c-2 Compliance solution includes:

  • Hosting of MARS at our Secure Data Center
  • We work with you to define your business-specific rules then maintain and adjust the rules as needed
  • We provide the workflow management, review the flagged transactions and identify potential rule violations
  • We create and manage requests for information from intermediaries
  • We can request trading/account blocks; and
  • We provide reporting to your fund management, CCO and fund board

MARS also includes rules for “prospectus compliance” such as CDSC monitoring, redemption fee monitoring, purchase minimums monitoring (initial and subsequent), purchase maximums monitoring (in back-end and level load funds), sales charge on purchases on accounts with letter of intent (LOI) and best pricing on purchase for linked accounts and rights of accumulation (ROA).

Mobile Solutions

Many organizations still struggle with trying to provide real-time remote access to their sales teams. MARS solves that problem by providing real-time wireless access to contact, activity, product and reporting on handheld devices. MARS allows your sales team to schedule calls, make meetings, update contact information, order marketing literature, view product sales and asset information including rep’s sale notifications, and more – all while on the road. 

The MARS wireless capability allows you to access critical business information in real-time and improves sales effectiveness, cross-selling abilities and wholesaler productivity. In addition, use of MARS on handheld devices in the field will decrease reliance on sales desk administration and free the internal desk to make more outgoing calls.

  • Access firm, branch, rep, product, and sales information with all notes, activities and history
  • View sales reports, top producers, enter contracts, cross-sell products, add notes, order literature, manage prospects and much more
  • Increase you sales team's productivity and effectiveness
  • Real-time access to business critical data while on the road

The MARS handheld is seamlessly integrated with the MARS product suite to provide real-time, accurate access to your business information so that your organization can maximize productivity and sales effectiveness.

Data Cleansing

Insuring the Integrity of Your Data

MARS Data Stewardship / Data Cleansing

The MARS Data Stewardship / Data Cleansing Service provides clients with a hands-off approach to managing the data cleansing function. As data comes in from transfer agents, supermarket platforms, intermediaries and other sales sources Phoenix American’s SalesFocus Solutions performs comprehensive data cleansing functions on behalf of our clients including:

  • Ensuring that data from each file is properly loaded
  • Identifying and reconciling all missing code values and transaction records through the intermediaries and transfer agents
  • Reviewing each trade to ensure that there is a proper firm, office, rep, name and address attached to it
  • Managing relationships with clearing and executing firms
  • Obtaining missing data by making calls and researching trades
  • Performing analysis to ensure there are no duplicate forms, offices or reps
  • Reconciling omnibus accounts with intermediaries
  • Maintaining channel and territory re-alignments
  • Loading monthly supermarket sales data downloads from four portals (Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Waterhouse and DataLynx)

As a result, MARS clients can rely on complete and accurate sales and asset reporting. With the MARS Data Stewardship Service your firm can focus resources on reviewing the results of the data collection rather than investing resources and effort into cleansing the data.

MARS Hosting Service

Freeing You to Grow Your Business

MARS Managing Application Services

SalesFocus Solutions offers full hosting services for the MARS application. Just a few of the benefits of MARS Managed Application Services include:

  • No upfront hardware costs
  • No need to add IT resources to support the system
  • Hardened data center
  • Guaranteed performance, accessibility and reliability
  • No database support or monitoring required by your staff

With MARS Hosting Services your organization can remain focused on your core competencies while our experts support the technical infrastructure and operations associated with running MARS.

MARS Training

Getting the Most Out of MARS

MARS Education Services

To enhance your team’s productivity MARS training can be conducted by product feature, employee role and skill level as well as custom training solutions. Our expert staff provides MARS training for all users within your organization including:

  • Inside SalesWholesalers
  • MARS Administrators
  • IT Professionals
  • Sales Administration
  • Executive Management

Support your investment in MARS with ongoing education services targeted to your business goals.

Channel & Territory Perfection

MARS provides deep insights into the most effective distribution, channel and geographic territory management to reduce sales costs and maximize profits. Slice and dice your business data into whatever distribution channels, geographic territories and reporting exceptions work best for your business.