Proven Solution for Financial Services Companies

Fully Integrated CRM Solution

The MARS product suite is a proven solution for financial services companies and can provide you with a competitive advantage. Our clients include banks, insurance companies and asset management firms. One of the benefits of MARS is that it can function either as a tightly integrated enterprise-wide solution or as individual modules to serve specific business needs. 

MARS can assist your organization in growing assets, increasing profitability, reducing operating expenses, and addressing industry issues such as compliance with SEC Rule 22c-2.

The MARS Product Suite includes:

  • CRM/Contact and Activity Management
  • Sales and Asset Reporting
  • Executive Trend Reporting
  • Sophisticated Channel and Territory Management
  • Ad hoc Query Capabilities and Business Analytics
  • Supermarket Platform Module
  • Account/Customer Level Contact Management
  • Omnibus Account Reconciliation Processing
  • SEC Rule 22c-2 Compliance Module
  • Literature and Gift Fulfillment
  • Discovery™ Integration
  • Wireless Mobile Solutions
  • Data Stewardship
  • Integration with all Transfer Agent and Intermediary Data Feeds

Sales Reporting Made Simple

MARS Sales Reporting provides your organization with the real-time accurate sales and asset intelligence you need to make informed business decisions. By using MARS you will have total visibility into sales and assets across your entire organization as well as the ability to drill down into very specific areas of your business.

MARS Sales Reporting overcomes many challenges firms face with their existing systems such as poor data quality, data integrity issues, and missing data all of which contribute to data accuracy and reliability issues. MARS includes a data stewardship module that automates the process of resolving trades including reconciling omnibus transactions so that you always have accurate data.
Supporting MARS Sales Reporting is a very flexible and sophisticated Channel and Territory management feature which allows organizations to slice and dice their business into whatever distribution channels, geographic territories and reporting exceptions that works best for their business. MARS also allows you to perform “what if” scenarios with your sales channel and territory structure to give you insights into how changes might affect your business.

In addition to the standard report suite, MARS includes powerful ad hoc report writer and data querying capabilities. With MARS you have a powerful business analytic tool to access your data in real-time and in any form you need to see it.

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