Investor Services / Transfer Agent Solutions

All the functions you expect from an SEC registered and SOC 1, Type II* compliant transfer agent are only the beginning at Phoenix American. Our revolutionary STAR-XMS system redefines the transfer agent system with its versatile web-based relational database managing: sales processing and commissions, distribution processing, tax reporting and processing, proxy services, vendor management, new business sales input and all aspects of investment administration. Leading change in the direct investment industry, the flexible reporting capability of STAR-XMS leverages your investment information for enhanced sales and better decision making. Making the most of the data at your command has never been easier or more powerful than now at Phoenix American.

Complete Back Office Outsourcing

For Alternative Investment Funds

Over four decades of experience administering millions of investments for hundreds of funds have earned Phoenix American a reputation for excellence in direct investment services. An SEC registered transfer agent, the company has developed advanced systems and precision operational support services to free fund managers to focus on the functions that drive their success.

Phoenix American provides industry leading transfer agent, shareholder record keeping, fund accounting and tax preparation as well as sales and marketing reporting services to companies that manage any variety of non-traded investment program:

• Hedge Funds
• Private Equity Funds
• Business Development Companies
• Real Estate Syndication
• Non-traded REITs
• Regulation D Offerings
• Fixed Income Funds
• Commodity Pool Operators
• Asset-backed Securities
• Equipment Leasing Funds
• Oil & Gas Funds

Full Service Shareholder Management

  • • The STAR-XMS Transfer Agent/ Shareholder Record Keeping System
  • • Experienced Securities Transfer Association (STA) Trained Staff
  • • Custodian Platform Feeds - AIP, NFS, Schwab, Pershing, LPL
  • • New Business Processing
  • • Bank Account Management
  • • Electronic Document Management
  • • Database & File Management
  • • Electronic & Physical Data Storage
  • • Confirmation Letters
  • • Customized Web Portal for Investors and Reps
  • • Printing and Fulfillment - Checks, Statements, Prospectus, Marketing and Investor Communications
  • • OFAC / AML / KYC Compliance

Investor Communications

  • • Dedicated Call Center
  • • Email Alerts & Communications
  • • Distributions
  • • Redemptions
  • • Transfers
  • • Account Summary
  • • Commission Calculation
  • • Proxy Processing
  • • Tax Reporting
  • • Tax Services - 1099/K-1 Processing
  • • Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Reporting
  • • Escheatment
  • Headquarters-Based Customer Service

Why Choose Phoenix American for your Opportunity Zone Fund?

• 45 Year Tenure in Alternative Fund Industry
• Ability to Launch New Fund Back Office Structure Quickly
• Connectivity with Retail Broker Networks
• Fund Accounting, Administration, Tax & Complete Back Office Packages
• Most Advanced Systems Available
• Dedicated Customer Service Teams

Services Customized to Your Needs

Phoenix is here to address whatever operational issues your fund may face. If you simply need a more efficient and versatile system for managing your investor database, STAR-XMS can be hosted for your internal operational use. Whatever other back office or tax/accounting pain points you experience, we can tailor a custom solution to ease your burden and maximize your efficiency up to and including full service back office outsourcing by our professional in-house staff.


The Transfer Agent System For Alternative Investments

Working from over 40 years of experience as an investment fund sponsor, Phoenix American designed and built the most advanced shareholder management / transfer agent system specially tailored for the needs of alternative investment funds.

• Web-Based for Easy Accessibility
• Controls to Minimize Errors
• Scalable and Accurate Processing
• Daily NAV Processing
• Commissions
• Distributions
• Transfers
• Sales & Marketing Reporting
• Business Analytics
• Blue Sky Tracking
• Bank Account Reconciliations
• State-of-the-Art Data Security
• Mobile Tablet Computer Accessibility
• AIP Platform Integrated
• Custom Investor/Advisor Web Portal Integrated

The system’s suite of applications maximizes fund operations efficiency. Beyond shareholder management, STAR-XMS integrates with in-house Fund Accounting, Tax Services, 1099/K-1 preparation, Printing & Mailing, SalesStrike enhanced sales reporting and Account Connect web portal access for investors and advisors.

Account Connect

The STAR System Web Portal

Your customized STAR Web Portal delivers the fast, versatile interactive access to data demanded by today's information-driven society. Sponsors, advisors and investors have dynamic web-enabled access to the information they need with a secure interface. For maximum security, efficiency and ease-of-use, the STAR Web Portal is tailored to the needs and expectations of each class of user.

Administration Services for General Solicitation Funds

506(c) and Regulation A+

With the implementation of the JOBS Act, fund companies are seizing a new opportunity to reach investors and raise money more efficiently than ever before with funds formed under SEC rule 506(c) and Regulation A+. But with strict and still changing regulations, it is essential for fund companies engaged in general solicitation to separate their in-house operations from the roles of accreditation, record keeping and compliance. The accredited investor requirements of rule 506(c) and the auditing requirements of Regulation A+ make compliant procedure and administration of new investments of paramount importance. The task of processing and admitting new investors obtained through general advertising can be a far greater operational challenge than sponsors expect. To perform this task efficiently, and with the necessary compliance, takes experience and proven procedures. Phoenix American has helped to blaze this trail, and offers front-office and back-office outsourcing solutions tailored to the special needs of funds engaged in general solicitation of investors.

• Investor Prospect Call Center
• Printing and Fulfillment of Sales Materials
• Accreditation Services for Individuals and Institutions
• Investor Document Review and Follow Up
• New Investment Processing in STAR-XMS
• Coordination with Advertising Entities
• Investor Updates via Mail, Email, or Customized Web Portal
• Transfer Agent Services featuring the STAR-XMS Transfer Agent System

Industry knowledge, the right technology, attention to detail and dedicated customer service are critical to effectively managing the respondents to sponsor advertising, verifying their accreditation and suitability and processing them as new investors. Phoenix American has served some of the very first funds to emerge from the new regulations and has contributed greatly to their success.

Investor Accreditation Services

Establishing Accredited Investor Status

Ensuring that investors are accredited and suitable to participate in alternative investment funds has never been more important. With the recent changes in regulation enabling general solicitation, regulators are enforcing suitability of investors like never before.

Phoenix American provides accreditation services in strict compliance with SEC rule 501 establishing qualification by annual income or net worth. Employing a comprehensive combination of automated and manual systems, submitted documentation and direct contact with investors, Phoenix American establishes and verifies the qualification of each investor. A Phoenix American Accredited Investor Certificate, with attorney signature, is then issued to the investor. This certificate is valid accreditation for use with any alternative investment for 90 days as specified under federal law.

The STAR-XMS system includes an accreditation module for clients where the accredited investor information for a fund is available and searchable along with all supporting documentation. This information is easily accessible for audit support and to streamline the process of re-accrediting investors for future programs.

Investor Re-Accreditation – for Regulation D Funds

In May of 2016, the SEC issued its final rule release implementing changes to the registration requirements under Section 12(g) of the Exchange Act. The revised rule mandates an annual test for accredited investor status, requiring that each issuer to establish a reasonable belief, at the end of each fiscal year, that it does not have 500 investors that are not accredited investors.

Phoenix American makes the process easy with online investor verification as part of Account Connect, our investor web portal solution. When investors log in to their online account, they will be prompted, each year, to check a box verifying that they remain accredited investors. Re-verification will be tracked and reported on an ongoing basis in the STAR-XMS accreditation module.

To maximize participation in the re-verification of investors and to establish the required “reasonable belief” that a sufficient number of investors remain accredited, Phoenix American may conduct mail or email campaigns on the issuer’s behalf encouraging investors to log in to their online account and verify their status.


Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Administration

For crowdfunding platform operators, Phoenix American offers a complete back office solution utilizing the STAR-XMS system for the administration of special purpose vehicles. Automated new business entry, distributions, transfers, accounting and K-1 processing are available in a package tailored to the needs of your offering. Phoenix American back office solutions for crowdfunding portals streamline operational efficiency while remaining invisible to the investor.

Proxy Services

Proxy season is a breeze with Phoenix American's fully integrated proxy services. We provide end-to-end proxy preparation, delivery and tabulation services all performed in our secure headquarters facility.

• Onsite proxy ballot printing and mailing
• Email proxy solicitation in conjunction with mailing
• Follow up solicitation by mail, email and personal phone call by our professional phone associates
• SOC-1* audited procedures
• Voting options:
- Mail - return via business reply envelope
- Phone - dedicated 800 investor number
- Online Voting - via your customized secure web portal

Essential Expertise for a Changing Regulatory Environment.

Comprehensive Answers to Important New Questions

Phoenix American is committed to keeping our clients informed and equipped to address ever evolving compliance requirements as a part of our emphasis on customer service. As your fund operations partner, our goal is to provide the resources you need to formulate and execute an appropriate compliance strategy specific to your particular venture. Phoenix American helps to streamline your regulatory compliance allowing you more time to concentrate on increasing sales and maximizing returns for your investors.

Regulatory compliance is a burdensome distraction to take on without support and too important to trust to a provider without specific experience. The STAR-XMS system includes an array of built-in compliance features: 

• Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
• Know Your Customer (KYC)
• Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
• Blue Sky Tracking
• Audit Support

Phoenix American’s integrated systems accommodate all recent regulatory changes and are designed with a flexibility that anticipates and accommodates possible changes in the future. Whatever your compliance need, we craft the customized suite of services that makes the process easiest for you. Additional compliance services include: 

• Asset Valuations
• Cost Basis Accounting
• Financial Reporting
• EDGAR Filing
• Investor Accreditation

Our Securities Transfer Assoc (STA) trained staff is experienced with all the reporting and filing requirements for alternative investments for compliance with a complete range of entities. 

• Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
• Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
• Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
• Small Business Administration (SBA)
• Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
• Institutional and High Net Worth Investors
• Financial Advisors

We work with your CCO to help develop an assessment of your fund’s particular situation and develop an appropriate compliance strategy. Our ongoing investment in compliance support capability provides certainty and peace of mind for our clients in their reporting requirements pursuant to all applicable laws.

• Securities Act of 1933
• Securities Exchange Act of 1934
• Investment Company Act of 1940
• Dodd-Frank
• Sarbanes-Oxley
• Commodity Exchange Act