About Us

In 1972, Gus Constantin founded Phoenix Leasing, the sponsor of a successful series of publically registered non-traded equipment leasing funds sold nationally through the broker-dealer network. For over 20 years, Phoenix provided essential lease, loan and purchase options to growing businesses while delivering attractive investment returns to thousands of investors. The focus on both the asset and investor side was on identifying a need and developing the most efficient and effective way of meeting that need.

As the fund offerings succeeded and expanded through the 1970's and 1980's Phoenix built out and equipped advanced in-house departments to provide accounting for the portfolio assets of dozens of funds, transfer agent and administration services for tens of thousands of investors and CRM / sales reporting tools for the national sales and marketing teams. The operational systems and processes that were developed far exceeded the capabilities of any other participant in the industry for efficiency, accuracy and versatility. 

In the early 1990's, with new needs arising in the business environment, Phoenix Leasing gave life to Phoenix American Financial Services to provide outsourced fund administration to other sponsors in the publicly registered non-traded fund space. The Company became an SEC registered transfer agent in 1992 and committed to annual SOC 1, Type II auditing. Phoenix American SalesFocus Solutions was also born from Phoenix Leasing to provide CRM solutions, sales reporting and compliance tools customized for asset management companies.

The immediate success of the outsourced service offerings showed that the skills that Phoenix had gained, the Company’s advanced technology and its commitment to client service were ideal for servicing other firms and other fund types in the alternative investment landscape. In the years since, sponsors of private real estate funds, debt funds, private equity, venture capital, commodity pools and securitizations have turned to Phoenix American, drawn by the sophistication of the technology and the experience of the long-tenured staff.

Even as alternative investments flourish as never before, demands on investment sponsors from investors, advisors and regulators continues to intensify. As managers focus on their core mission of raising funds and generating returns, the specialized knowledge, experience and technology of Phoenix American as a back office partner has never been more valuable.

The Phoenix American Family of Companies

Phoenix American, Inc.

The parent of a diversified group of financial services companies founded in 1972.

Phoenix American Financial Services

Creators of the STAR-XMS Transfer Agent System

Providers of SEC registered transfer agent services, fund administration, fund accounting, corporate accounting and sales and marketing reporting services to private investment fund companies worldwide and managing agent services for securitizations in the commercial aircraft industry.

SalesFocus Solutions, Inc.

Creators of the MARS CRM/Sales Reporting and Compliance System

Providers of customer relationship management, sales reporting and marketing solutions. Creators of the MARS application, the only fully integrated CRM, sales reporting and 22c-2 compliance solution for financial services companies.

Phoenix Cable, Inc.

Providers of cable television services to the United States Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.