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Phoenix American, Inc.

The parent of a diversified group of financial services companies founded in 1972.

Phoenix American Financial Services

Creators of the STAR-XMS Transfer Agent System

Providers of SEC registered transfer agent services, fund administration, fund accounting, corporate accounting and sales and marketing reporting services to private investment fund companies worldwide.

Phoenix Leasing Portfolio Services, Inc.

Providing efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective commercial lease portfolio management services. Leasing funds for banks and other financial institutions.

Phoenix Leasing Bank Services

Offering banks flexible, cost effective equipment leasing programs for their commercial customers.

Phoenix Leasing, Inc.

Providing a full range of financing options and management services for commercial equipment leases. Managing over $6,100,000,000 and funding over $2,000,000,000 of commercial equipment loans and leases over the past 30 years.

SalesFocus Solutions, Inc.

Creators of the MARS CRM/Sales Reporting and Compliance System

Providers of customer relationship management, sales reporting and marketing solutions. Creators of the MARS application, the only fully integrated CRM, sales reporting and 22c-2 compliance solution for financial services companies.

Phoenix Cable, Inc.

Providers of cable television services to the United States Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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