Case Studies

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    Real Estate Fund

    Real Estate Fund

    A real estate investment fund sponsor approached Phoenix American with concerns about their back office operations. The sponsor was handling operations in-house using Excel spread sheets. The sponsor was having problems with data accuracy, tracking and limited reporting capabilities and foresaw problems only compounding as the fund grew.

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    Private Mortgage Fund

    Private Mortgage Fund

    A fund sponsor investing in private mortgages, with five hundred investors, experienced problems with a number of operational issues. The sponsor was handling operations in-house using an antiquated system they had developed themselves but which could no longer keep up with their needs.

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    Oil & Gas Fund – Rule 506(c)

    Oil & Gas Fund – Rule 506(c)

    A sponsor of a new oil and gas fund organized under the new 506(c) rules pursuant to the JOBS Act approached Phoenix American for front-office and transfer agent services. The sponsor would be conducting general solicitation of new investors. Interested parties would respond to advertising through a toll free phone number. In the absence of any broker-dealer involvement, prospective investors would have to be guided through the sales and investment process: their questions answered, sales material provided, their suitability verified through an accreditation process and new business entered into a shareholder record keeping system with reporting to the sponsor as needed.

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