The Alternative Investment Products (AIP) Platform

The Future of Alternative Investments

The Phoenix Commitment to AIP

Phoenix Transfer’s vision for the future of alternative investments has led to a partnership with the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and participation in the Alternative Investment Platform (AIP). AIP will encompass a suite of services offered by the DTCC that link global market participants, including broker/dealers, fund managers, administrators and custodians to provide end-to-end processing of alternative investments including hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity, non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) and limited partnerships.

AIP is designed to standardize the way the alternative investment industry communicates information about securities and associated investments. By effectively addressing the manual, risky operational issues that challenge customers, AIP will help the alternative investment community become more scalable through increased efficiencies, reduced operational risk and lowered costs. Created with the collaboration of industry leaders and modeled after DTCC’s enormously successful Mutual Fund Services, AIP has the potential to similarly transform the business of alternate and direct investments. 

AIP is the future of alternative investments and Phoenix Transfer is helping to lead the way. As a client of Phoenix Transfer your company will be at the forefront as this exciting new platform develops and will enjoy complete and affordable access to it as it is implemented. Phoenix Transfer’s participation in the AIP platform is consistent with our commitment to providing our clients with maximum data security, reliability and flexibility.

Phoenix Transfer is recognized as a pioneer in transfer agent services for alternative investments and our commitment to AIP reflects our passion for innovative solutions to enhance your profitability.


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