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Mobile Solutions

Keeping Your Sales Team Moving

Mobile Solutions

Many organizations still struggle with trying to provide real-time remote access to their sales teams. MARS solves that problem by providing real-time wireless access to contact, activity, product and reporting on handheld devices. MARS allows your sales team to schedule calls, make meetings, update contact information, order marketing literature, view product sales and asset information including rep’s sale notifications, and more – all while on the road.

The MARS wireless capability allows you to access critical business information in real-time and improves sales effectiveness, cross-selling abilities and wholesaler productivity. In addition, use of MARS on handheld devices in the field will decrease reliance on sales desk administration and free the internal desk to make more outgoing calls.

  • Access firm, branch, rep, product, and sales information with all notes, activities and history

  • View sales reports, top producers, enter contracts, cross-sell products, add notes, order literature, manage prospects and much more

  • Increase you sales team's productivity and effectiveness

  • Real-time access to business critical data while on the road

The MARS handheld is seamlessly integrated with the MARS product suite to provide real-time, accurate access to your business information so that your organization can maximize productivity and sales effectiveness.