Phoenix American Financial Services

Data Cleansing

Insuring the Integrity of Your Data

MARS Data Stewardship / Data Cleansing

The MARS Data Stewardship / Data Cleansing Service provides clients with a hands-off approach to managing the data cleansing function. As data comes in from transfer agents, supermarket platforms, intermediaries and other sales sources Phoenix American’s SalesFocus Solutions performs comprehensive data cleansing functions on behalf of our clients including:

  • Ensuring that data from each file is properly loaded

  • Identifying and reconciling all missing code values and transaction records through the intermediaries and transfer agents

  • Reviewing each trade to ensure that there is a proper firm, office, rep, name and address attached to it

  • Managing relationships with clearing and executing firms

  • Obtaining missing data by making calls and researching trades

  • Performing analysis to ensure there are no duplicate forms, offices or reps

  • Reconciling omnibus accounts with intermediaries

  • Maintaining channel and territory re-alignments

  • Loading monthly supermarket sales data downloads from four portals (Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Waterhouse and DataLynx)

As a result, MARS clients can rely on complete and accurate sales and asset reporting. With the MARS Data Stewardship Service your firm can focus resources on reviewing the results of the data collection rather than investing resources and effort into cleansing the data.