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22c-2 Compliance

Our 22c-2 Compliance solution includes the industry-specific features and design leadership that our clients have come to expect from MARS. Using MARS your firm will be able to monitor and manage all compliance activities without additional staff. MARS reconciles the sales provided by the intermediary to trade activity found in omnibus accounts. The MARS 22c-2 Compliance module’s flexible rules engine and comprehensive work flow manager will satisfy your 22c-2 compliance requirements and includes:

Rules Manager provides the flexibility to monitor frequent trading activity at the shareholder account and transaction levels.

Data Request Manager manages all intermediary requests (both standard and non-standard file formats)

Workflow Manager monitors and manages the status of flagged transactions, violations and action items 

Query Analytics and Report Capabilities provides standard reporting and ad hoc query capabilities for business analytics

Data Repository to house all trade and account level data to manage compliance in one place

Audit Trail for all compliance-related activities, communications, all entity changes and user activities. To support your business and Information Technology strategy, we provide the MARS 22c-2 Compliance solution in one of three ways: On-premise, On-demand or a Full-Service solution.

Each service method has its benefits depending upon your organizations’ particular needs.

Our Full-service 22c-2 Compliance solution includes:

  • Hosting of MARS at our Secure Data Center

  • We work with you to define your business-specific rules then maintain and adjust the rules as needed

  • We provide the workflow management, review the flagged transactions and identify potential rule violations

  • We create and manage requests for information from intermediaries

  • We can request trading/account blocks; and

  • We provide reporting to your fund management, CCO and fund board

MARS also includes rules for “prospectus compliance” such as CDSC monitoring, redemption fee monitoring, purchase minimums monitoring (initial and subsequent), purchase maximums monitoring (in back-end and level load funds), sales charge on purchases on accounts with letter of intent (LOI) and best pricing on purchase for linked accounts and rights of accumulation (ROA).